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Naps Consult is a Danish electrical supervision consultancy, specialising in project management and quality assurance on large-scale electrical installations on building sites. With more than a combined 25 years of experience working with electrical installations and project management, we know how to create reliable and durable solutions.

We understand the needs of the owner – and we know how to communicate these demands forward to the electricians on the site. In our endeavours of doing so, we systemise all pertinent data from the site: progress, setbacks, e-mail dialogues, pictures from the site and other types of relevant data.

We maintain this level of control because we believe it fosters the best results at the end of the day – and fewer misunderstandings occur, which could lead to long-term delays and heavy financial losses.

We have worked 12 hours straight in our worn-out working suit, and we have attended important meetings with directors and executives. Put briefly, we know how things work in our trade – on every level. And even if we only directly perform the installations ourselves occasionally, we still love making a difference and seeing the building light up once the job is done.

We create cohesion while focusing on every small detail of the project. And we will gladly help you.

Our vision is to create sustainable quality solutions on industrial building sites. We want to improve the entire process for everyone involved, providing a working environment with a clear and mutual understanding of every step of the work for owners as well as electricians.

By implementing control, continuous reporting and documentation, nothing is left to chance. When structuring work, a sound and professional work environment is created. Job satisfaction will grow. Buildings will rise. Unity commences.

Our mission is to utilise our practical competences and trade expertise to provide the absolute best conditions for a healthy building project.

From our mobile office with all necessary remedies, we take on the job of ensuring steady progress of the installations as well as rendering the project strategies to actions on the building site.

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